Sishaar Rao

Coder. Dancer. Taco-Bell Enthusiast.

About Me

Work Experience


Intern at RazorX2, an IT consulting firm based in Reston. Worked extensively with Virtual Reality, 3D printers, and Android Development.

Job Description

Spent 6 weeks at RazorX2, an IT consulting firm that works with the Federal Government and Local Contractors. Adopted Agile methodology and worked with 3D modelling, texturing, and animating. Created a game for the HTC Vive using both the Unity Engine and Blender. Created a "Magic Mirror", or a mirror with a user interface that uses facial recognition to deliver personalized data. Assembled a 3D Printer.

FCPS Summer School

Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant for TJHSST Summer School in Computer Science. Taught AP Curriculum while assisting wherever needed.

Job Description

Hired for 8 weeks as a Teaching Assistant for TJHSST through Fairfax County Public Schools with the AP Computer Science curriculum. Tutored students in topics such as Recursion and Advanced Data Structures, graded papers and projects, gave lectures in game design, and assisted in administrative duties.

Self Employed

Self-employed as a tutor for middle school students in Math, English, Science, and History.

Job Description

Currently work as a tutor multiple times a week in Math, English, Science, and History. I help with homework from school along with preparation for Mathematics contests such as AMC.

Projects & Research


A hub for Webassign problems and solutions in order to simplify the process of receiving help and reviewing older problem sets.
In Progress: V.1.1


Webassign is a platform used to assign word problems to students. TJ.WEBASSIGN is a hub for Webassign problems that will simplify receiving help and studying for cumulative assignments. This project creates an alternate repository for problems, as many at TJ currently use Facebook for help.

Tune Me Up!

A way to make music more social! Through this application, phones play in unison to amplify music.
In Development


Tune Me Up! (name subject to change) is an application that will allow people to amplify music played on a device through connections with other selected devices by synchronizing timing and playing in unison. Uses a process called "Bluetooth Chaining".


A mobile application developed to ensure the safety of a child through GPS location of their cell-phone.
In Testing/Q&A


StaySafe was inspired by a recent string of disappearances within my state and community. This application utilizes GPS data to compute a path of a child, whether it be to school, activities, etc. in order to notify the parent when there is significant deviation from its course.

EV Charging Station Committee

Head of committee that worked with school and school board to pass legislation allowing EV charging station installation on campus.


Head of Committee that worked with school officials along with school board, local, and state officials in order to pass legislation permitting the installation of EV Charging Stations in FCPS schools. Spent significant time analyzing current environmental laws while spearheadeding efforts to push for legislative changes and receive corporate sponsorship.

Gravity & Planarian

The Effect of Exposure Time to Increased Gravity on the Tissue Regeneration of Dugesia dorotocehala


Research Paper was written about the effect of exposure time and increased gravity on tissue regeneration rate of Planarian. We reached the conclusion that there was no statistically significant correlation between the two.



Volunteered in Q?Rius, an interactive exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute for Natural History.


Volunteered in Q?Rius, an interactive exhibit devoted to exposing visitors of all ages to Natural History artifacts. Trained to interact with visitors with physical and mental disabilities. Learned a variety of information in Natural History Subjects i.e. Marine Biology, Human Anthropology, Paleontology, Insectology, Taxidermy, etc.


Mentor and tutor to mentally and physically challenged students in elementary grades in STEM subjects


Mentor and Tutor through LIFE. Worked with mentally and physically disabled students in elementary grades and tutored them in STEM subjects. Used lectures followed by exciting experiments in order to illustrate scientific concepts and effectively engage them in the learning experience.


Swing Dance Team

Captain of audition based dance team that performs a dance style popular in the 1920s to 50s.


Choreographed dances for competitions and performances in and out of school. Performed in multiple International-Nights, Talent Shows, and performances in Glen Echo.


President of club that teaches skills devoted to creative and humorous writing, producing, acting, and video editing through the creation of comedy sketches.


Led club that creates sketches akin to those found on Saturday Night Live, The Late Night Show, etc. In charge of approving ideas, writing sketches, creating screenplay, and directing filming. We teach and apply writing and filmmaking skills to publish our work within our school using students as actors.

Men's Basketball Coach

Coach for 8th Grade Men's Basketball in Farmwell Station Basketball League


Coach for 8th Grade Men's Basketball in FSBL. In charge of teaching players basketball skills while instilling the values of sportsmanship, respect, and determination despite all odds.

Project CodeT

Chief Technology Officer of Project CodeT, a nonprofit that exposes elementary school students to Computer Science through interactive workshops


CTO of nonprofit that would hold various Computer Science workshops in elementary and middle schools in topics such as HTML, CSS, Python, and Scratch programming. In charge of developing curriculum that would engage students and excite them about applying CS to their interests.

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